Pistol Replica


Our movie-quality pistol replicas will astound you!  Actual wood and metal plate make these costume piece look and feel very authentic.  Choose from Flintlock pistol, blunderbuss, or a Pirate Pistol with menacing death’s-head.  Very cool!


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High quality replica! Pewter or Antique Brass Spanish Armada flintlock pistol.

Call customer service at 405-787-2123, or email sales@renboots.com to inquire
about in-store availability, color options, or any other questions.ons.

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Pistol Replica

Right-hand Pewter Flintlock, Left-hand Pewter Flintlock, Right-hand Brass Flintlock, Left-hand Brass Flintlock, Right-hand Pewter Blunderbuss, Right-hand Brass Blunderbuss, Right-hand Pewter Pirate Skull Flintlock


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